No flour, no fat, no dinner, why are you still fat?

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3 popular methods of many people who want to be slim, probably inevitably refrain from starch, fat and dinner. This seems like a good way, and everyone recommends doing it. But believe it or not, many people who follow this method In addition to the weight will not reduce as you hoped. They may also gain weight before they intend to lose weight. Also known as  ” Yo -Yo Effect”

In fact, the 3 most popular methods mentioned above Not the right way to lose weight at all, why? Let’s see.

No flour, no fat, no dinner, why are you still fat?

1. No flour

Some people completely abstain from powder. To the point of cutting these foods out of the body with every meal. All vegetable kaolao without fried garlic, papaya salad or all vegetable salad every day. Keep eating like this, causing the UFABET body to feel that it is lacking in nutrients. and forces the body to want something sweet to eat immediately because the body is afraid that we will lack nutrients This causes many people to abstain from powder for a while. The craving for sweet foods, sweets, sweet drinks like a swoon. Until accidentally eating more than what the body needs The remaining energy accumulates in our belly, buttocks and thighs.

The reason why the body chooses to crave sugar urgently When the body thinks that it is going to be starch shortage. Because sugar can provide energy to the body quickly. The body absorbs to use quickly enough. But because the absorption is fast If you eat a lot, you will not be able to use the energy that you have been able to use in time. The remaining energy will be accumulated. But after a while we’ll be starving again. Because the rest of the energy is accumulated in the thick layer of fat. That’s ours.

The correct way to lose weight is not to abstain from flour, but to reduce eating refined flour, white flour, processed. Chasing from white rice White sugar, white bread, sweet water, syrup, very sweet fruits, various desserts, coconut milk, bakery items such as cakes, donuts, croissants, sausage bread, etc. by choosing to eat unpolished flour such as brown rice, riceberry rice, whole-wheat bread. Unrefined sugar, honey, taro, potato, etc.

2. No fat

This is another nutrient that is blamed for the total excess body fat. In fact, some people who do not like to eat oily food. You can get fat because of starch. and sugar It’s not about fat at all. But even so, fat is the same cause of excess body fat. It is also the cause of various ailments. in the body as well Whether it is coronary heart disease, fatty liver, etc.

So, same with flour. The right way to lose weight is not giving up and to reduce fat that is not good for the body That’s trans fats. Trans fats include butter, margarine, and lard used in repeated frying. and animal fats (Animal fats can become trans fats if they are cooked for a long time.)

Fats that should be eaten because they are good for health include olive oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil. (Used in the case of fast food stir fry) in small amounts), including fats derived from fish oil, etc.

3. Skip dinner

Although many evenings People say it’s less energy-consuming than other parts of the day, so it’s okay to skip it. But do not forget that if you abstain from dinner or the iron rule (fake) of many people is not eating anything after 6 pm onwards. It means that until the morning Our stomach will be empty with nothing to digest until the morning of the next day. In total, it will last up to 12-14 hours. It’s a long time, isn’t it? Guarantee that we have to have a very strong skin until we’re dizzy. definitely can’t work

Therefore, skipping dinner is not the right way either. That the body thinks that we will enter a state of malnutrition or starvation when entering the eating period. We will feel more hungry than usual. Because the body needs more energy to accumulate in the body Whoever can’t stand it, accidentally eats heavily. Anyone who can endure it will continue to endure until the weight continues to decrease. But at a certain point when we are satisfied with the weight, we turn to eating as before. The weight jumped. Because the energy stocking period is over.

The correct way to lose weight is to eat many small meals, which can be sliced ​​into 4 or 6 meals. Keep your body feeling full all the time. not in starvation decrease appetite Especially the cravings for sugar and sweets will be reduced as well.

hope friends I will control my food properly. Don’t forget to control your diet. must be coupled with exercise as well To be a way to lose weight effectively and permanently.