How to eat late at night without negatively affecting health

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when you have to read and work late at night It’s normal to be hungry. When you let your stomach growl It was too much physical torture. But if eating food that is too heavy, it may result in obesity easily. Learn how to choose healthy, stomach-friendly late-night snacks from a Japanese dietitian.

How to eat late at night without negatively affecting health

Principles for choosing a healthy nighttime meal

1. Choose warm foods that relax the body.

Choosing to eat cold food before going to bed, such as ice cream, UFABET etc., will cause blood vessels to constrict. resulting in poor blood circulation cool the body and make it harder to fall asleep Eating warm food helps your body relax and doesn’t irritate your stomach. Warm foods include vegetable soup, warm milk and cocoa, for example.

2. Focus on vegetable foods

Eating carbohydrate foods such as bread, rice and instant noodles, etc., before going to bed will make you fat easily. Because the energy received will be accumulated in the form of body fat. Vegetable salads, vegetable soups, miso soups, and cabbage, for example, are great options to fill your stomach without gaining weight.

3. Avoid sweets and spicy foods.

Sweets and fruit juices are high in sugar. If you eat too much, it will cause sugar to accumulate in the body in the form of fat. In addition, the spicy taste from food eaten late at night will inhibit the metabolic rate of the skin. This makes the skin rough and results in acne-prone skin.

4. Choose foods that don’t make your stomach work hard.

Eating oily fried food and meat late at night It keeps the stomach working to continuously digest food even while sleeping. This will result in insomnia. However, if eating salty foods such as potato chips or instant noodles in excess It will make you feel thirsty. This negatively affects sleep quality as well.

5. Low Calorie Foods 

Best late night food Is a food that has energy content of not more than 300 kilocalories, although it has a low energy content, but if chewed thoroughly, it will help to feel satisfactory.

Stomach-friendly food for people who read and work late.

Foods that are good for those who study and work late at night include apples, vermicelli soup, miso soup, boiled rice, boiled eggs, cheese, cold tofu with sour sauce, milk, warm cocoa, yogurt, chicken breast salad, and oden, among others.

Not eating for at least three hours before going to bed is a good way to control your weight. But if you have to study or have to work late and feel hungry. I try to use the above methods to choose a late night snack for health and good shape.