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Increase profit, online roulette, money walking formula   , betting is like investing. it is risky If you want to make a big profit, then you have to take a lot of risk. If you don’t dare to take too much risk, you have to accept that you will earn less. It is the natural law of online casino But now we know a lot of ways to play roulette. Each of them can only increase our chances of winning. Today I will introduce you to Roulette winning formula that belong to each other to play online roulette which if using this one will help us make more money for sure

Know about online roulette Easy gambling at home

actually between online roulette with roulette in the casino There isn’t much difference. Just now we can play at home. The different equipment used to play is the same. We can see the prize results from the camera that the casino has installed at the table. Like playing in a real casino

Now, the roulette tables that we often find in online casino Most of them are European-style tables that originate from France. The way to play is simple, we just predict the prize which number will be drawn in 37 numbers between 0-36 and each number is marked with a background color. This is not for beauty. But in order to have a more diverse betting style As for the method of awarding the prize, it will be randomly like the lottery that we are familiar with.

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online roulette How do you place bets?

For the method of placing bets is the same as playing at the casino. We have to place bets within the time limit on the desired position. After the betting time has expired The dealer or the table operator spins the roulette wheel counter-clockwise. along with releasing the ball to rotate clockwise Then we just sit and win prizes whether the roulette ball will stop in the slot we bet on or not. which the form of betting and the payout rate of Online roulette is as follows:

  • Bet on favorite numbers, pay rate, bet 1, pay 35, excluding capital
  • Hunchback 2 numbers, pay rate, bet 1, pay 17, excluding capital
  • Hunchback 3 numbers, pay rate, bet 1, pay 11, excluding capital
  • Hunchback 4 numbers, pay rate, bet 1, pay 8, excluding capital
  • Hunchback 6 numbers, pay rate, bet 1 pay 5, excluding capital
  • Teng zone, pay rate, bet 1 pay 2, excluding capital
  • Bet in the row, pay rate, bet 1 pay 2, excluding capital
  • Black-red bet, pay rate, bet 1 pay 1, excluding capital
  • High-low bet, pay rate, bet 1 pay 1, excluding capital
  • Even-odd bet, payout rate, bet 1 pays 1, excluding capital

Roulette winning formula

For this money walk formula, it is different from the general roulette formula in that it allows us to make more profit than general betting. including withdrawing the lost money back Roulette winning formula There are many well-known such as Martingale money walk, 1324 money walk, Paroli money walk, Labourer money walk, Del Longbe money walk.

But which is very popular, easy to use, does not have to think too much, there are Martingale money walking formula and 1324 money walking formula that many people say in the same voice that it works. Make a profit for sure If the luck does not fall to the point of losing and losing again

Martingale money walk formula

The main reason why Martingale is so popular among gamblers is because it can definitely be profitable. The only risk that we have is that we will only break our wallet after losing several rounds in a row.

At the heart of this formula is to double your last bet every time you lose. But if you win, bet 1 unit is the same. It’s easy, right? But in its simplicity, it’s risky, as I said. If we lose in a row hemp cord is not long Or hit the ceiling of the table and still won’t win. This is more than a loss.

But if we lose some and win some alternately Wish to win more than lose We will definitely make a profit. Because in our winning turn, we always get back all the lost money along with 1 unit of profit.

Something that must be carried when using this formula, besides being heartless, not hot-headed, and conscious of playing, is money. At least there should be at least 100 investment units (1 investment unit can be equal to how many baht or take the money that has been divided by 100) If anyone has less than this, I do not recommend using it. Because there is a very high risk of losing not even a single baht.

Money walking formula 1324

For anyone who has little capital or is not difficult to take too much risk with the Martingale formula, 1324 money walk formula can help you. Plus, it helps to make profit up to 10 times. Let’s just win 4 consecutive rounds only. This formula is divided into 4 rounds of betting, namely the first round 1 unit, the second round 3 units, the third round 2 units and the last round 4 units, regardless of which round loses. We always have to go back and start a new round one. for example

  • The first round bet 1 unit, the result is a win. Lets start the second round of betting.
  • Second round, bet 3 units, the result will be another win. to place bets in the third round
  • Third round, bet 2 units, the result is another win. You can enter the fourth round.
  • 4th round, bet 4 units, the result is a win, end of the formula round, go back to start a new round

However , the 1324 roulette formula will only work well when we win. If you feel that you are going up or winning continuously, you can switch to this formula and you will be able to sweep money from online casino It’s definitely in the bag.

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