8 secrets that you must know before playing online roulette

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secret must know Before playing online roulette, if the secret is something that can be conveyed to each other A secret is something no one wants to know. No one talks about it in the online casino industry. It’s the same, especially online roulette. that we will see how to play Roulette Including great money walking formulas that will make playing roulette and get money back Have you ever wondered why, despite knowing these secrets, why haven’t we gone anywhere yet? Playing for a year and still not worth it That’s because we still don’t know the 8 secrets of playing online roulettethat are going to be discussed today

Roulette is a gambling game that is considered the king of casinos. Because no matter where, there must be a roulette game to play. Which originally originated in France, today there are 2 types of online roulette tables : European (French line) with numbers 0-37 and American. Added the number 00, but most of us are more familiar with the European table.

But nowadays, it’s easy to play roulette, you don’t have to find money to find time to travel to play at foreign casinos. Just have a phone and you can play anywhere. But there is a downside that we don’t share experiences with anyone. I can’t find it on the internet which one is real and which one is fake.

8 secrets you must know

  1. You don’t always have to buy a recipe.

Now, no matter where you scroll the screen, you’ll only find people selling recipes. Online roulette is scattered, inviting you to join the line group and lose money in order to get the formula. Here it is almost unnecessary. Anyone who has studied roulette will know that it is a game that uses probability. There is no formula that can make us win 100%, it only increases our chances. Anyone who thinks to spend money to buy a recipe I think it’s better to take the time to study how to play roulette online. There are a lot of good and free stuff. But who does not want to waste time but wants to lose money If you’re going to buy a recipe and sit and try it, it’s not against the rules.

  1. Focus on outside bets

The difference of the outer circle, I will summarize it to be easy to understand is that the bets on the inside include those who bet on all numbers. including betting with high payout rates These guys, our win rate is very low. Different from outside bets that have a winning rate of half-and-half, such as odd-even, high-low, black-red, zone bets, line bets, although they pay low, but we have more chances to win.

  1. See the prizes for each table.

Because roulette is a game of probability. Statistics or history or prize draws are therefore a good source of information. We can use this information to analyze how this table has the form of the prize draw. What will be the next round? The odds have been drawn for 7 consecutive rounds, the next round should be even. Who can use the prize to analyze like this? The chances of winning are definitely higher.

  1. Always try to play online roulette for free first.

now online casino Almost every owner has it for us to try and play for free. No more wasting time and money on trial and error. The free trial, do not pay attention to whether we can play or lose a lot. Because our main goal is to practice playing well. Study and try different strategies before going on the field. Do not forget that real money once lost is very difficult to recover.

  1. Alright, let’s hurry

Who will say what? Why is our money going to embarrass him? Even on the day you can play or feel that your hands are up, don’t sit and play roulette for too long. Because in the long run, we will be in the way of the House Edge or the casino’s advantage anyway. There is no one who can go all the way to the shore. So if you want to make money from gambling and what it is If you have already made a profit, hurry enough. You can come on another day, no one forbids you.

  1. not hot-headed

Most of the people who have lost their bets are due to lack of discipline, hot-headedness, temperament. When he got it, he became greedy and wanted more and more. When it’s gone, I want it back right then and there. Sometimes they go to use a compound bet in the hopes of getting the lost money back. until I forget to see if the money in my pocket now has enough to roll over If you don’t want to tear the bag, play in moderation. Just have fun

  1. Turn off the table online roulette american style

This does not mean that the American table is not good. It’s good for people who love taking risks. provocative But it’s definitely not suitable for people who intend to play for profit, even if it adds only one 00 slot. But did you know that just one slot that can make the payout difficulty increase unexpectedly, even at online casinos? Where pays higher than European tables I still cheer for playing at the European table anyway.

  1. Choose to play with online casinos only reliable

This is very important because online casinos It spawned daily like a hydra. We have no way of knowing where to play, easy to play, real payouts, unless we choose to play with a trustworthy player. So which one is reliable? Then try to see the reviews of the gambler to see where he has no financial problems. or choose to play with online casino opened by the parent company not through an agent Because most of them through the agent system, although not cheating. But there are often problems with delays in deposits – withdrawals.

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