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open online roulette formula that will help you play more than lose Gambling with anyone who doesn’t want the money back, right? Especially it’s roulette that seems to be easy to play without having to think too much. But why is it so hard to overcome? That’s because we only know how to play. But we don’t know how to win or the roulette formula, that’s it. Today, I would like to bring everyone to know a good formula that many people choose to use to win. online casino Until it has been accepted that it helps to play more than it really is. Let’s leave it together. What is it and how to use it? Let’s see

Risk is more important than Roulette.

One thing that many people tend to make mistakes, whether they are newbies, old hands, even seasoned ones, are overlooked. That’s the level of risk. Most people tend to focus more on the roulette formula because it’s easy. It doesn’t matter. Just follow it and it works. When he thought of that, he took a stab without looking at the risks. When the bucket breaks, the bag is broken, and he complains that the formula is not good.

In fact, the risks of roulette can be broadly divided into 2 types: high risk. with low risk Here, it’s easy to see from the payout rate. The more online casinos pay less, the more it means that there is a chance to win a lot. If one pays a lot, it means it has a low chance. For example, very low-risk ones pay no more than 2 times the capital, while high-risk ones pay at least 5 times to 35 times.

For low-risk roulette, there are betting patterns as follows.

  • Bet Black-Red is to predict what color the ball will fall into. If it falls into the color that we bet on, it is considered a win. Get the prize money back at a pay rate of 1 : 1
  • Bet Even – Odd is to predict whether the ball will land in an even or odd numbered box. If they fall in the box that we bet, they win. The payout rate is 1 : 1 as well.
  • High-Low bet is to predict whether the winning number drawn will be in the high group (19-36) or low number (1-18), but remember that the number 0 is not a high and low number. The payout rate for this style of betting is 1 : 1.
  • Bet in a row is to predict which line of prizes will be drawn. On the table, the numbers are divided into 3 rows: 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with 12 numbers each, while 0 is not in any row. The payout is 1: 2.
  • Teng Teng Zone is a prediction similar to Teng Teng Row. But this one will group the numbers into 3 zones as well, namely 1st, 2nd and 3rd, each zone has 12 numbers, the number 0 will not be in any zone, the payout is 1: 2.

This time, let’s take a look at how high-risk roulette bets. how much to pay

  • Bet on a favorite number is a bet on a specific number only. But in that round, we can bet as many numbers as there is no limit. Can bet from numbers 0 – 36, payout rate 1: 35
  • Hunchback 2 numbers are bets on 2 numbers at the same time, the condition is that 2 numbers must be adjacent to each other on the betting table, payout ratio 1: 17
  • Hunchback 3 numbers is a bet on 3 numbers at the same time. It must be 3 numbers in the same row, payout ratio 1: 11
  • Hunchback 4 numbers are bets simultaneously on 4 numbers that are in 4 adjacent positions (square), payout rate 1: 8
  • Hunchback 6 numbers are bets simultaneously on 6 adjacent numbers or 2 adjacent rows, payout rate 1: 5

Popular roulette formulas used in online casinos

Even though it’s called a roulette formula, it’s actually a money movement formula. Its function is to help us make more profits while reducing the risk of losing money. Including the ability to retrieve lost money back with profit Basically there is a 1324 money formula, labourer, fixed gain, martingale, but our heroes today are Super Martingale and Winning Martingale we’ll talk about.

Winning Martingale formula

Let’s start with the Winning Martingale formula. This formula is developed from the Martingale formula. We double or roll up our bets every time we win, while the Martingale rolls over if we lose. Here’s how to use the formula:

First we need to divide all available funds into units. How many baht per unit? Suppose you have 10,000 baht in money, divide it into 100 baht per unit, you will get 100 units. After dividing the money, follow the formula.

  • If you win, double your stake of the last round. If the first round is 1 unit, if you win the second round, put 2 units. If you win, put 4 more in the 3rd round. If you win in succession in the 5th round. Put 16 units. After that, whether you win or lose, come back to start the 1st round again.
  • In case of losing, no matter what round you lose, always come back to the starting point at 1 unit, wait until you win and then roll your bets in.

One thing to be aware of in this formula is that we must always set the desired profit in the game plan. Otherwise, if you lose at the end of the round, all the profits you get will be lost as well.

Roulette 2

Super Martingale Money Walk Formula

This formula is considered an upgrade from the Martingale, which is the same bet on losing. but from the original double Will adjust to double compounding with another 1 unit. It can be considered a high-risk formula, not least if we lose 5 consecutive rounds of unlucky luck. How to use the formula is as follows

  • When winning, keep betting 1 unit until you lose.
  • When losing, double the last round’s bet plus 1 unit, e.g. this round bet 3 units and lose, next round bet 7 units (6+1), assuming a consecutive loss, the betting unit pattern will be In this manner it is 1 – 3 – 7 – 15 – 31.

Anyone thinking of using the Super Martingale formula, the first thing they should have is a fairly high capital. At least it’s about 100. Let’s break apart because it’s easy to take. Just start at 1 unit. In the period of 5 sticks, we have to use a total of 57 units. Therefore, this formula is not suitable for people with low capital or can’t take high risks.

However, before we part today, I have another cool roulette formula to end. It can be said that it is a timeless formula, that is, lose to quit, get enough, have clear profit and loss goals. Let’s just have discipline in playing, not emotion over reason. However, you can definitely play more than lose.

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