4 Poker Strategies to turn a newbie into a master

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4 Poker Strategies To turn a newbie into a poker master , it is considered the most strategic gambling game among the card games in online casino Because it can’t read the cards like baccarat, various formulas for walking money can not be used in this game as well. and even if it is good luck at the Maha Heng level Whenever you shake the dice, you get points as you wish. Come to this game and leave your luck. When this is the case, playing strategies are indispensable in poker , and is there any way to help newbies like us become seasoned like masters? This article has already been answered.

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What is poker and how to play it? Is it hard to play?

Before going to strategy Let’s review the old knowledge a little bit. Because it is very often that a player falls off a horse just because they forget about these little basics. As you know, this game is popularly played in Online casinos around the world and it’s easy to play with just 1 deck of cards with 2 or more players, but the fun doesn’t depend on how easy it is. On the contrary, the harder we beat each other, the more fun the game becomes. Because each player has different strategies to beat the opponent to crouch to himself.

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Terminology used in playing poker

Although poker has been applied to many modifications. But still the basics of playing are similar. It has its roots in Texas Hold’em, with some popular terminology.

  • Raise increases the maximum bet on the table in that round.
  • Call is a bet based on The stake is equal to the maximum bet on the table.
  • Check is asking to pass in that round (not playing), but will not discard the card. Therefore, bets must be made equal to the maximum bet on the table as well.
  • Fold is the fold or discard of the cards in that game. (no longer playing)
  • Flob refers to the first 3 community cards that are face up on the table.
  • Turn refers to the 4th community card that is face up on the table.
  • River refers to the fifth community card, which is the last face-up card on the table.
  • Button refers to the button that tells the player’s position. This position will cycle to all players clockwise.
  • Big blind means a player is forced to place a maximum bet as per the table set. Assuming the table has a maximum bet of 10 units, the Big blind player must bet 10 units, no less.
  • Small blind means the player is forced to bet half of the maximum bet set by the table. Assuming that the table does not bet more than 10 units, the Small blind player must bet 5 units, no more or less.
  • Dealer means the last player to be dealt. considered the best position

How to play poker

For playing poker, there are 4 rounds of play, which in each round are detailed as follows.

In the first round , players with Big blind and Small blind must place their bets. Then the dealer will deal two cards to every player, 2 cards each, starting from Big blind and ending at Dealer. Then all players have to play with 4 options: Raise, Call, Check and Fold. Game will begin. The next round when more than 2 players increase the bet until the same amount. But if the players crouch, only one player is left, it is considered the end of the game immediately.

In the second round, the dealer flob, the remaining players continue their suit and play with the same 4 selections. as well as increase the bet to enter the next round

Third round, the dealer makes a turn and the players continue to compete.

In the fourth round, the Dealer takes the River and the rest of the players compete with the same 4 selections. In this round, players who still place bets will have to show their cards to measure their points. The person with the highest score wins and gets all the prize money.

Poker 1

Strategies for Playing Poker

Even though it was a competition through online casino But strategy is still something that is always needed to play. Initially, I have 4 good strategies to recommend as follows.

Always play with good cards.

Even though we can’t choose what cards we will get in our hand But after getting the cards, we can decide whether to leave them or continue. For example, if we get a high pair like AA, KK, QQ, JJ or get a high score card. Like this, bets should be placed to play in the next round. But there are times when we get low cards and need to continue playing, such as if we are in the position of Big blind or Small blind, this will be forced to play. If fortunately there is no raise, we may use a check method to wait and see the situation in the next round.

play in a good position

It’s true that the best position to play in poker is the Dealer, but a good position also means every position that gets the bottom cards. The faces of other players before us. Moreover, the less competitors It will be another factor that gives our good cards a chance to win more. But if the cards are not good and we are in a good position, we have a chance to win as well.

No matter how you get a card, you won’t show it.

In fact, whether the cards are good or bad, they should remain silent. Don’t forget that this game requires a tactical strategy to win. Let’s just say we’ve got good cards and we think there’s a big chance of winning in this game. Then we poured full money into the game from the beginning. Hoping for someone else to call in. No, the end result will immediately turn out to be the opposite: they know the game might not win. Crouching is better When everyone discards all the cards, we win, but the money we won is not enough.

On the other hand, if we keep calm, keep playing, trick others, keep raising and then knocking out the last round. This will definitely give us more rewards than the first method.

Poker 2

Don’t bluff too much

It’s true that this game requires bluffing. deception But if you do it often, you will get caught by someone else. Some true and some false is a good strategy. Suppose that we have a bad card and then pour out the threatened lap. If the other party reads the exit instead of him discarding the card. It will become that the side loses free money.

How are you doing with the strategy of playing poker ? I can tell you that it can be played both outside and inside. online casino But in order to use these strategies to be effective, you need to practice. The more you play, the more skillful you become. May not need to play big in the casino. Maybe get a group of friends to play together for fun and practice your hands first. and then go to play in the real field Don’t forget that the bet is lost, it’s hard to get it back.

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