poker vocabulary that must be found in online casinos

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poker vocabulary that must be found in online casinos Hello all bettors. And today we are still in the circle of poker as always, whether it’s because of the weather or the epidemic. online casino Probably the best choice that will allow us to gamble safely. Especially gambling games that have to meet with a lot of players for a long time like poker and today I’m going to take everyone to see how the terms or words they use. online casino what does it have How is it different from general casinos? At least when you go to talk or look, you will know about him.

Poker 1

 Why do most people like to play poker?

Even though poker is considered to be one of the most difficult gambling games to play, it is interesting that it does not only use luck to play. Each player needs a strategy. There is a tactic to play. In the first rounds, the cards may be superior. The latter rounds may lose only because of bluffing. Or even noticing the little things that other players make mistakes, such as not knowing what they are talking about. or what to do Which is why we need to be precise with these terms. At least in order not to be seen as a newbie, a young hen who comes to lie down and wait for slaughter.

As for the terminology that we often hear in the poker industry, there are mainly 6-7 categories, which can be divided as follows.

game style vocabulary

Poker is considered to be a card game that has been applied the most, thus making it diverse and popular in Online casinos around the world by terms related to playing styles or game formats are as follows.

  • 6+ Hole’em is played similar to Taxas hold’em but uses 36 fewer cards, where all faces 2, 3, 4 and 5 are eliminated.
  • Hyper turbo is a tournament style play. The special feature is that the Blind level increases quickly.
  • Limit poker is a game with minimum and maximum bet limits.
  • No limit hold’em is Texas hold’em play with no bet limits.
  • Multi-table Tournament is a tournament play. It starts with playing at multiple tables and selecting only the winners of each table to compete in the deep. until the last table
  • Stud 5 is a 5-card game with no community cards.
  • Stud 7 is a 7-card game with no community cards.
  • Sit and go is another form of tournament play. that the contest will start only when all applicants have been completed
  • Single table tournament is a tournament played using one table. Players must survive until they are in order to receive the prize money.
  • Texas hold’em is the most popular form. Each player is dealt 2 cards together with 5 community cards.
  • Tournament is a tournament play. Players are recruited and set the time to start playing

Vocabulary related to playing poker

  • Bet means placing bets.
  • Board means 5 face-up community cards on the table.
  • Call means placing bets according to The stake must be equal to the maximum bet on the table in that round.
  • Cap game refers to the ceiling that players will be able to play each round.
  • Check means not asking to play in that round (pass), whereby the player must bet equal to the maximum bet on the table in that round. to get the right to play the next round
  • Chop means splitting the pot. When there are two or more winners (a tie occurs) or depending on the conditions that the player will set up to divide the pot
  • Flop means the first 3 community cards dealt on the table (Only poker , Hold’em game).
  • Fold means discard (fold) to indicate that you want to quit playing the game or give up. The players who make the fold will not go further and not get the bets that have been placed back.
  • Hold card refers to the cards in the player’s hand.
  • Kicker means card guard.
  • Raise means to raise the stake or raise.
  • Re-buy means exchanging more chips to continue playing. After pouring out of the lap or not enough chips to play
  • Re-raise means placing more bets than the previous player. or to raise again
  • River means the last community card face up on the table.
  • Showdown refers to the showdown of cards to measure points in the final round.
  • Stack refers to the stack of individual chips in front of you.
  • Street Card refers to the community card in Stud 7.
  • Turn refers to the 4th community card face up on the table in Hold’em.
poker strategy

Poker Set Vocabulary

Poker is a card that is measured by the size of the suit, which is related to the score. Which are arranged from the highest to the lowest card suit as follows:

  • Royal flush means a set of cards arranged with A, K, Q, J and 10, all 5 cards must be of the same suit.
  • Straight flush means a set of cards of the same suit.
  • Four of kind means a set of four cards of the same face.
  • Full house means a set of cards consisting of 1 triple card and 1 pair of cards.
  • Straight means the set of cards do not have to be of the same suit.
  • Three of kind means a set of cards that have one set of three cards.
  • Two pair means a set of cards that have 2 pairs of cards.
  • One pair means a set of cards that have 1 pair of cards.
  • High Card means cards that cannot be set.

 Glossary of Poker Positions

In poker , different positions are rotated to each player to ensure fair play. Each position will have the following roles and duties:

  • Big blind (BB) means a player is forced to place a minimum bet of the full amount set by the table. Can’t be more or less than this.
  • Cut off means the player seated next to the dealer is responsible for cutting the cards.
  • Dealer (D) means the player to be dealt last. (In the case of a game operator dealing cards instead) or referring to the dealer (in case of playing amongst themselves)
  • Early position means that the player who is in the top of the line will have the right to play first. It is considered a rather bad playing position.
  • Late position means that the players who are in the last position are considered quite good. because there is an opportunity to observe other players
  • Middle position means the players in the middle group are not very good but not bad.
  • Small blind (SB) means a player is forced to wager only half of the minimum bet set by the table. Can’t be more or less.
  • Under the gun means the player next to the Small blind position is considered to be in the Early position.

Terminology used to describe various behaviors of players.

We sometimes hear weird terms when talking about what some players do. Most of the words that are often used in poker are as follows:

  • ABC poker refers to a novice player who plays with only good cards. regarded as playing according to the textbook
  • Add-on means buying more chips even if you already have chips.
  • All in means placing bets in full lap.
  • Bluff means stealing chickens, pretending they don’t exist.
  • Check-raise means to pretend to pass. refused to play in that round but turned back with an overlap
  • Draw means waiting for cards.
  • Leak means accidentally causing other players to see their cards. including intent to bluff
  • Muck means not showing cards after playing.
  • Pot refers to the total stake of each player in the pool. to reward the winner
  • Overbet means the game is greater than the pot, for example, the money in the pot has 10 units, but increases 20 units, etc.
  • Thin Value means increasing the bet gradually to lure others to bet accordingly.

 Terminology used to refer to players in different ways.

  • Aggressive means a player who likes to raise the bar in order to make others give up.
  • Bad Beat means the player with the higher cards. But must lose to others as soon as the River card is released.
  • Big stack means the player with the most chips.
  • Blocker means Player has a card that others want to be in. For example, Player B has a Q in hand and Player A needs a Q in order to be the last card to win. In this case Player B is Blocker.
  • Card dead means a player who breaks certain rules will be disqualified from playing that round.
  • Fish means the weakest player on the table.
  • Limp refers to people who place bets by calling only.
  • Nut means the player with the best hand in hand. less likely to lose
  • Shark means a player who plays well and is skilled.
  • Sit out means a player who has not played the game (pass) but is still on the table.
Poker 2

 Other terms commonly found in online casinos

In addition to playing poker through an online casino system We often see some of the following terms.

  • Ace high means a set of cards with no pairs, but with A as the guard.
  • Backdoor means not aligning the cards in the flop round, but using the Turn and River cards to form a Flush or Straight suit.
  • Bankroll refers to money set aside by a player specifically to play poker.
  • Best hand means the player with the best hand at that moment.
  • Big slick means AK cards.
  • Bullet means AA pair.
  • Button means a symbolic button that tells the position of the player. Only Big blind, Small blind and Dealer. These buttons will cycle to all players. clockwise to balance the game
  • Cash game means playing with cash.
  • Cash out means playing by exchanging betting chips.
  • Cow boy means KK pair.
  • Gut shot refers to cards that have a jump in the middle, for example 2,3,5,6,7.
  • Head up means a one-on-one duel.
  • Key Card means a card that can be converted to a card in the hand as a large suit.
  • Kojak means JK card.
  • Low pair means low pair cards such as 22, 33.
  • Off suit means that the cards in the hand are not of the same suit.
  • Pocket card means having a pair of cards in hand.
  • Pot Odds refers to the probability of a different set of cards drawn.
  • Shot handed means a table with only 2 – 3 players left.
  • Suit card means cards that are of the same suit.
  • Top pair means the highest pair after the flop.
  • Win rate means the chance of winning.

How are you doing with the terminology that we will come across in playing poker ? Although this article looks a bit academic, but don’t get bored yet. For anyone who wants to practice playing poker seriously, whether through online casinos. of Thailand or will play as a tournament on the web outside I want to say that these things are very important. If we are not accurate, of course, there must be a moment for us to release the chicken in the middle of the table. And then we might be the first to be eliminated from the game. Or, worst of all, it’s us who are always lured to bet and then be picked up in the final round. So if you don’t want to have an ending like this Take some time to read and review often, and an ordinary person like us will definitely become a poker master like who he is.

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