4 basic things you must know Before entering the poker industry

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4 Basic Things You Must Know Poker Cards Poker For me it is a game that is not very difficult to play. But it’s difficult because we have to use quite a high level of tactics to play. It’s a game that uses psychology to play a lot of tricking the other party, and if you’re not familiar with the basics you need to know. to play through online casino However, they were swarmed to eat at the table anyway. So today let’s take a look at some things that we need to understand before entering the industry of poker.

what is poker

Poker is considered another form of card that is popularly played all over the world. especially according to the casino The method of playing is simple, using only 1 deck of cards with 2 or more players. It is special and outstanding in that this game does not have a dealer. There are only players competing against each other. And/can have more than 1 winner. Poker is applied in many forms such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7/5 Stud and many others, which have different rules and regulations. Let’s go a little to add to the fun of playing.

As for how to play, not just having time to study, it doesn’t take long. But in order to play well, win often, it is necessary to practice various skills, whether it is reading facial expressions, gestures, calculations, tricking, because this game is not only fortunate to be played. All gamblers are therefore regarded as sports games rather than gambling. online casino

4 Basic Things You Must Understand About Poker

Of the 4 things I’m going to mention below are the must-haves in poker, just the slightest loophole can be seen as a novice. Here are 4 basic things to remember and understand. are as follows

Basic terms used in playing poker

Even if it’s playing through online casino But the terminology used remains the same. So it’s important that we know what they mean. and what to do, in which in the game of poker , the words that are often heard often


is to place bets accordingly. It is a bet equal to the maximum bet on the table in that round. Let’s say if a player bets 10 units, which at that time is the highest bet, if we make a call, then we have to bet 10 units as well.


is asking to pass that round. The condition of the check is that there must be a bet equal to the maximum bet on the table. If someone has increased the bet (Raise) before, we will have to call first before we can check.


is the highest bet on the table. If the player wants to play in the next round, everyone needs to increase the bet equal. to achieve equality


is to discard cards when you don’t want to continue playing. There is no set discard in which round. Want to throw away at any time, only bets already placed will not be returned.


, also known as “Pour the whole lap” mostly occurs in two cases: If you’re not confident that your cards are really good, you want to bluff other people that you have a superior card. This can also be done in the event that the stake is already low. and the stakes are not enough For the prize money if winning will be more or less according to the amount of money that goes down only.


means bet.


refers to the pot that is derived from the stake each player places. and will only belong to the winner

There are also terms related to playing positions as follows.


is a button or symbol that indicates the position of the player. and will continue to cycle in a clockwise direction

Big blind (BB )

refers to a player who is forced to place a maximum bet of a specific game, e.g. the table is set to bet no more than 10 units. A BB player must bet 10 units.

Small blind (SB) 

means a player is forced to wager half of the table’s maximum bet, e.g. a table is limited to a maximum bet of 10 units, an SB player is only required to bet 5 units. no more no less


means the last player to be dealt. It is considered the best position because it has the opportunity to see the behavior of other players first.

Poker 1

Rules and methods of playing poker

Regarding the rules, it is another thing that cannot be missed, no matter what form of gambling, poker itself has a way of playing and rules that must be remembered as follows.

  1. Starting from Big blind and Small blind players, place bets at the table set.
  2. Dealer will first deal cards to Big blind players. and then cycle until the last player with 2 cards each.
  3. All players look at their hand before the first round starts, then Big blind takes the lead. and then circle to the other players clockwise and finish the round at the Dealer and while the players are circled to themselves You can choose whether to Fold, Call, Raise or Check.
  4. All players must use the 4 options in the third to play. Play until your stake is equal to all players. so can start the next round
  5. The dealer performs a flob by revealing 3 cards from the center and turning them over on the table. So that all players take the cards in their hands to arrange a set. Once the show is complete, the player will begin the second round with the same 4 selections. Once everyone has placed equal bets, the stake will be moved to the Pot before the start of the next round.
  6. The dealer makes a turn by showing another face-up card on the table and then having all players begin the third round with four selections again.
  7. Dealer performs River by showing one last card face up on the table, this is the last round of play. Every player takes 2 cards in their hand and 5 face-up cards on the table to form the best suit. The player who scores the most points is considered the winner and takes the prize money from the Pot, ending the game.

Card Points and Cards in Poker

For poker, besides face cards, there are also cards that are used to measure cards. Each card has the following points.

  • A (Ace) is the highest-scoring card in a suit. But it is worth only 1 point for a normal set of cards.
  • K (King) has 13 points.
  • Q (Queen) has 12 points.
  • J (Jack) has 11 points.
  • The face cards of numbers 2-10 have the same points as their face numbers.

In the case of cards of the same rank will be used to measure each other with cards which each card will be large to small as follows

  • The spade (♠) is considered the biggest flower.
  • Hearts or hearts (♥) are smaller cards.
  • Diamond (♦) is a smaller card than the heart.
  • The club (♣) is the smallest card.

Suppose there are cards K(♥) and cards K(♦), both of which have the same 13 points. But the card K(♥) is considered to be the bigger card.


Poker card set

Playing poker is at the heart of playing poker even though we have the best cards in hand. But if you can’t arrange a set I don’t understand the arrangement of the cards, that is, the end is like a chicken. So remember that playing this type of card, we have to do whatever we can to make our suit the best. The set of cards are arranged from highest to lowest points as follows

Royal Straight Flush 

can be considered as a royal card set. is the biggest card It consists of A, K, Q, J and 10, with all 5 cards of the same suit. The chance of this card being formed is only 0.00015%.

Straight Flush 

is the second largest set of cards. There is a slightly better chance of occurrence is 0.0015%. This set of cards consists of 5 cards of the same suit.

Four of Kind 

is a set of 4 cards of the same face. The chance of playing this card is 0.024%.

Full house 

for this set of cards is considered quite difficult to arrange. because there must be three cards of the same face plus the same faced pair of cards The chance of getting this set of cards is 0.14%, which is considered quite frequent. For winning or losing, it starts with measuring the three card sets first. Then go look at the pairs of cards in order.


is a set of cards that do not need to be arranged in any way. Just have the same flower. But it is a card that has a chance to repeat with others. Because there is a chance to issue cards up to 0.2%, so use the suit as a measure of the card size as well.


is a 5-card rank card, regardless of which flower it is, but the rank is usable. In the event that the players have the same straight, the method of measuring the order of the order of who is higher will be used. (Ranking more points) The chance of this card being drawn is 0.39%.

Three of kind 

is a set arrangement where three cards must be of the same face (three cards) and the other two cards can be any cards. The chance of this card being drawn is 2.1% in case other players have the same triple card. The remaining cards will be used to measure the win or loss.

Two pair 

is a set of cards that consists of 2 pairs of cards. It is used to compare the first pair of cards first. If the result is still tied, look at the second pair of cards, the chance of two pair cards is up to 4.75%.

One pair 

This set of cards doesn’t have much to think about. As long as you only have one pair of cards, that’s enough. It is the most frequent set of cards. Up to 42% chance of playing cards

High Card 

is considered to be the lowest level card set in poker , meaning the cards are arranged in points only. Most people don’t like playing with this set of cards. Because the chance of losing is very high, the chance of winning is just that no one on the table has a higher card than this. Or it has to be someone is skilled at tricking so high that the person has the upper hand will throw their card down.

However, as I said above, playing poker is not just good luck. All that is required is skill and proficiency to play. This game requires trickery. card reading reading people’s minds all the time Having high cards doesn’t guarantee that you won’t lose to low cards.

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