Poker face Beat poker simply by using facial expressions.

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Poker face wins poker simply by using facial expressions online pokerThat the important thing is not whether we get good cards or not. Will we arrange the cards correctly. But will we be able to disturb the minds of other players or not. How accurate is the player’s attitude. Including to hide our attitude In order to trick other people into giving up their cards for us to win. This is the Poker face that I’m going to talk about today.


Psychology and reading of the faces of poker players

It is well known among poker players that the study of psychology is very important. Many professional players besides playing skills. Reading gestures and behaviors to understand the thinking process or the thoughts of the other party. If you’re not sure, try saying something that offends the other person’s ears, maybe no one will smile happily at them. but will block their eyes

The reason for this is because the facial expressions. When you think about something that is happy fun or funny. Sometimes you accidentally show your face until other people say you’re crazy. And this is what poker players use as a weapon to win this highly skilled gambling game.

How important is Poker face?

Of course, when all players know that people’s emotions can be read through facial expressions. Everyone devoted their attention to observing the expressions on their faces. including concealing emotions with a calm expression Or some may be even more skilled that they can show their facial expressions that contradict their true emotions. or keep your face still But an expert can make the other person think they’ve got a bad card with a serious blow.

He had to do this because the player’s facial expressions were a good source of information that would allow him to predict the player’s situation. In addition to the sparkling face. The time spent thinking and making decisions can also tell you how the other person. Taking too much time may show insecurity. So if you can’t think of anything, keep your face still. take the time It will save you from reading facial expressions.


Is Poker face really useful?

Let’s talk a long time here. I still insist that Poker face is very important if you want to level up as a player. Professional online poker. If you still can’t imagine, I’ll give you an example of using Poker face.

  1. Starting from, I received the first 2 cards. Which are K of Spade and Q of Spade. Which are considered high cards and have the same suit. It can be said that it is a good card ever. But I kept my face steady as if I had received a normal card.
  2. When the first 3 community cards are dealt face up on the table. Ace Clubs K hearts and Q hearts. We already have two pairs on the table and our chances of winning are very high. Even so, I want the table bets to keep getting higher in order to wait for a single sweep at the end. So he hit his face like he didn’t want the card that he wanted to get out. Instead of smiling that I certainly did. This was to lure people in. Increase your bets or winnings with us.
  3. When the game came to the final round I was able to arrange the full house cards (1 set of three cards and 1 pair of cards), which at that time thought that the rest of the people probably wouldn’t have bigger cards than me. Means I might be the winner in this game. But I still want the rest of the people to pour a lot of chips into the pot, so they act like they’re thinking hard. Whoever can’t keep up with this event may have to increase the bet as I hoped. But if someone who knows about it may decide to discard the card right away. And in the end I got all my stakes as I had originally intended.

This is an example of using Poker face that someone uses. Until they are skilled in winning or sweeping money from. online casino It’s not difficult anymore. We can also use Poker face to solve the situation as well. Let’s say we were close to losing by then. or getting bad cards from the start of the game. We were able to use the expressions that disturbed the thoughts of other players without difficulty.


However, hitting the face or doing Poker face often is not good, even if it’s playing. Online poker, however, because if we do it the same way often, it will make it easier for others to read. So some truth and some lie mixed up. Used when thinking of having an opportunity If you can’t think of anything, just hit your face.

In fact, using Poker face is not only useful for playing poker. There are still many professions that use the same skills. Whether it’s an actor, a businessman, these occupations are necessary. Therefore, practice hard use it proficiently. It at the right place at the right time. It will benefit us.

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