It’s raining. How to make your sneakers dry quickly? Even without a hair dryer and fan

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During this time I will leave the house. Or when returning from work in the evening, it is often raining. And if that day is the day we wear sneakers outside, then it’s over because the sneakers will get wet. There is also a musty smell attached to it. So that we can continue to wear our favorite pair of sneakers. How to dry sneakers? Without needing a hair dryer And the fan is very easy.

It's raining. How to make your sneakers dry quickly? Even without a hair dryer and fan

How to dry sneakers quickly

tissue paper

Many people probably remember this method because even when we wash sneakers, we still recommend wrapping tissue paper around the shoes before drying them in the sun. The same is true when your sneakers get wet in the rain. Wrap tissue paper around your shoes and leave them overnight. Tissue paper will also act as a

towel to absorb moisture from your sneakers.

If you don’t have enough tissue to wrap your sneakers, You can use a towel as well. By bringing old towels Or unused towels rolled up into a roll and stuffed into your shoes. Before tying the rope tightly and then airing it,

newsprint can also be used to absorb moisture from sneakers that get wet in the rain as well. But because at present we may find it difficult to find newspapers. But if anyone has one at home, they can use it as well. The สมัคร ufabet method is to crumple up newspaper into cubes and stuff it into the shoes so that the newspaper helps absorb moisture from the shoes. This method will not only help the sneakers dry quickly. It also helps absorb the musty smell of sneakers.