Swans prepare to send Keita in exchange for Gerrard as an idol

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There are reports from Italy that reveal that Liverpool are preparing to make an offer for a swap. Jürgen Klopp’s ‘Best Player’ and £15million star with Steven Gerrard as his idol

 There are reports from the famous Italian media. Such as www.calciomercatoweb. It claims that Premier League giants Liverpool are delighted to present their midfielder Naby Keita to Serie A giants Juventus. Ria A is in a direct swap deal with Adrien Rabiot. After reports emerged last week that the player is open to joining Jürgen Klopp’s squad .

           Rabiot, 27, has entered the final 12 months of his contract with Juventus. After spending three years with Juventus. Where he was able to win the league 1 time with the UFABET team. In addition to the Ligue 1 medal he won during his football career with Paris Saint-Germain. News reports last week said Rabiot was keen on a move to the Premier League. It was willing to join a top-four team. Because wanting to play in the Champions League, with news that Liverpool are the club interested in seizing the player, the club is valued at around 15 million pounds (reported by the Telegraph).

           Recently , CMW has revealed the deeper details of the deal. they claim Liverpool have informed Juventus of their intention to include Keita in the deal. The date and time of the Guinea national team player at Anfield must be considered unsuccessful. And like Rabiot, he is in the final year of the deal. The Reds have the right to extend his contract or sell him this summer to fund the club instead of letting him go for free. in the next summer

           Of course, many believe that this will be a good business for the Reds because Keita is unable to perform as many have. People expect and don’t deserve the price they buy him. Many people think that Keita should be about the same price. with the price that Rabiot is currently estimated After being praised by Klopp as ‘excellent’ , Keita was added to a deal for Nico Barella to allow Inter to lower prices on their players.

          For Rabiot moving to Anfield It might be like fulfilling his dreams. Because referred to when he was still playing with PSG that Steven Gerrard was a favorite idol since childhood. And also admits wanting to play with the former captain of Liverpool very much. “ I like Gerrard since I was a kid. I adore him in every As he did for Liverpool I hope I can do that in PSG. Gerrard is the only person I want to play with. He’s an inspiration to me, of course , my favorite shirt number is 8 because it’s Gerrard’s number plus it’s midfield’s number.