Spinning money from online casinos with roulette formula, zero bet

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Spinning money from online casinos with the roulette formula bet center believes that one thing that many people tend to think or tend to do when playing roulette is to overlook the center bet. Most of them will turn to playing odd-even bets, high-low, black-red, which is not wrong. Because there is a chance that we will lose and win half and half But did you know that the zero number is no less important than any other number? Even if it’s a number that helps make money Online casinos , and today I’m going to take a look at how professional roulette players use the roulette formula to bet on the center to earn money.


find the rhythm to stab the center

First of all, in using the roulette formula to bet zero, we will not blindly go into play . But we will wait for the opportunity and find a time to stab The best time to use this formula is Wait for the steel ball to fall near the number 0, not too far away. If it’s good, it should be number 26, 0 or 32. Please stay in this zone. Otherwise, let it fall to the opposite side at all. It will have numbers 24, 5 and number 10. Remember when it comes out around this 6 number? That was the opportunity for us to stab.

Place a spread bet

After getting the beat The next step is to place a bet. Please do your homework first. When it comes to the actual field, we don’t have much time to think about where to place bets in order to enter the roulette formula, because of the online casinos. he limited the time Of course, who wants to give players more time to think and sweep the money back?

In placing bets, see that the roulette table that we play must place a minimum bet of how many baht. Because in this formula, we have to bet all 8 points together, namely

  • Bet on channel number 0, amount 1 unit
  • Hunchback 2 numbers (2 and 3) 1 unit
  • Hunchback 2 numbers (4 and 7) amount 1 unit
  • Hunchback 2 numbers (12 and 15) amount 1 unit
  • Hunchback 2 numbers (18 and 21) amount 1 unit
  • Hunchback 2 numbers (19 and 22) amount 1 unit
  • Hunchback 4 numbers (25, 26, 28 and 29) amount 1 unit
  • Hunchback 2 numbers (32 and 35) amount 1 unit

Note: 1 investment unit can be equal to any number of baht.

From the position of placing bets when compared to the roulette wheel, it can be seen that we bet almost half of the wheel. All of which are in the Jeu (near 0) and Voisins du Zero zones. The Orphelins zone is ignored, and the Tiers du Cylindre opposite 0 is left out. But if anyone has money left over, they’re not wrong. Just it’s not a guideline of the roulette formula, only bet zero.

What happens when you win

Of course we need money. but from the bets placed Suppose I divide the investment units into 10 baht per unit, out of a total of 8 points, I need to spend 80 baht as capital for playing in this round. In which it will give me a return in the event that the roulette number 0 is issued, which has a payout rate of 36 times the total capital, I will get a total of 10 x 36 = 360 baht, deducted from the capital 80 baht, the profit is 280 baht. No. no more than And if it doesn’t come out with 0 numbers or numbers that I bet 4 numbers (25, 26, 28 and 29), the payout rate for 2 hunchbacks is 18 times the total capital, I will get money back 10 x 18 = 180 deducted The capital is 80 baht, the profit is 100 baht. It’s okay. 

to get a refund from How do online casinos lose if they bet?

Some people may have their heart pounding because luck isn’t on their side. The size of almost half of the wheel has not yet been hit. There is a solution for this kind of thing. Just go back to starting from item 1 again, then place a double bet in every position. or could be more than this But let’s see first that the table we are playing at, he bets the maximum how many baht Otherwise, it will face the problem of bet hitting the ceiling. is unable to continue And now it will be difficult to retrieve the lost money back. I gave an example to start betting with the minimum of the table.

Small hole-(4)

Don’t miss to remember the dealer.

The dealer or the table warden is something that we have to remember not losing to the roulette formula, bet zero because each person has a different way of spinning, even if trained from the same teacher. Some people with heavy hands spin hard, some with light hands, some throw steel balls along the wheel. Some people throw the wheel All of these things have an effect on the issuance of prizes. Try to remember how he tossed, what kind of spin, which line of prizes went to which number. This will allow us to predict more accurately which zone will be awarded the next turn.

Before parting today, don’t forget that the center roulette formula that comes together today is just a guideline for playing. It doesn’t give 100% results, but it does help us to play better than just playing randomly or playing the same game that gradually makes a profit. Realizing that once again, what is gained or is lost is giving. Online casinos have been important if you are thinking of using this formula. Forget about playing the same old ways like high-low, black-red or even-odd.

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